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Rana is the daughter of a wealthy family that has its hands in most of the commercial workings of their city state “Codanshi.”  She is a rather foul mouthed and crass girl but can put on an air of politeness and maintain proper decorum if needed.  She is in excellent shape and a better than average martial artist as well as possessing higher than average intelligence. Her Kikonrar-han allows her to generate multiple semi-autonomous clones.   Her Kikonrar-bo takes the form of a greatsword yet it does not cut anything in the traditional way.  The sword has the ability to merge two “things” such as a two people, a person and an object or two objects.  Her han and bo are extremely complimentary.



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Jim is the only son of a single, overbearing mother.  He is extremely studious and intelligent but with a less than average physical ability and no fighting prowess and generally blends into the crowd.  He unknowingly possesses a Kikonrar as a family heirloom that is almost always activated without his knowledge resulting in nobody other than his mother being able to remember him resulting in some understandable psychological issues.  This Kikonrar-han immediately erases him from observers memories the moment he leaves their sight.  He has no Kikonrar-bo at the moment.


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Kaiyal is the lifelong bestfriend of Rana and is from a family that has been under the patronage of Rana’s family for hundreds of years.  Kaiyal and Rana have been paired since each other’s birth and Kaiyal acts as Rana’s bodyguard at all times.  Kaiyal has complicated health issues that have yet to be delved into but has exhibited extraordinary physical feats such as repeatedly leaping 50 feet into the air and leaping to the roof of a building while carrying someone.  She also tends towards wearing clothing that hide her arms and legs and rarely speaks to anyone other than Rana using her real voice.  As Rana’s bodyguard she is an extremely accomplished martial artist and is deadly in a fight and has an above average intelligence.  Kaiyal’s Kikonrar-han has yet to be revealed, though she does have one, but she has been seen using her Kikonrar-bo in the form of speaker-like objects in her hands that allow her to create and control sound and vibrations.  If activated she will use this to speak and if she is speaking to someone besides Rana, chances are she is using it as well.


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Ketral is Kaiyal’s older brother and bodyguard of Cyzak.  He is overly obsessed with his looks and is quite a womanizer.  Much like Kaiyal and most in their family he is extremely well versed in martial arts and is in prime physical shape.  He is of average or perhaps slightly less than average intelligence though that may just be a symptom of his obsession with looks.  The only other real interest he has besides his own looks and women is his constant search for a more challenging fight as few can match him in a battle.  His Kikonrar-han and -bo are both yet to be revealed.


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Cyzak is Rana’s older brother and heir to their families corporate operations.  Like Ketral he is rather good looking but does not flaunt it in the same way.  He is physically fit but not overly so and has a basic knowledge of martial arts though not as strong as Rana.  He does however posess a similar level of intelligence as her.  He spends most of his time running various aspects of the family business which is why he is less physically capable than her.  His personality is rather rigid and stern as he is often the face of the family business and does not have the time or patience to waste on anything else.  This often leads to confrontations between him and Rana who is the exact opposite of him.  Neither his Kikonrar-han or -bo have been shown, though he does have them.



Shianta is the Artificial Intelligence of Ketral’s air ship.  She has been programmed to be adoring and worshipful of Ketral which has manifested in a strong dislike of Rana who she believes is after Ketral.  The two regularly fued verbally and Shianta has made sure to never give Rana a comfortable ride.