First off.  Today is the anniversary of a very dear friend’s death who left us far too soon.  He was very much a larger than life type of person and myself and all my friends at Strike Force take this day every year to remember his impact on our lives, traditionally in the form of gathering together to kick some ass in some game (Previously Magestorm and currently Guild Wars 2).   Seeing as how this comic publishes today I’m going to dedicate it to him.  He taught me a lot about what I know about computers there is rarely a time I open up mangastudio without thinking of him because of his graphic design abilities.  Some day he will be immortalized with two characters in Kikonrar named and designed around him, and that has always been the plan, but they are still farther off in the story.

Cheers, Brandon “Bugatow” Riggs.


No matter how much I tried I couldn’t make it look like Rana was NOT molesting Maxima in that first panel T_T