Sorry for slow updates.  I’ve had some health issues recently that have hindered the speed at which I can produce comics.  This will probably continue for the foreseeable future but it does mean I get to comfortably work on the quality of the comic.


For the longest time I’ve been trying to work with more softer, gradient shading but I’ve found that sometimes my colorblindness makes it difficult to really properly form the blendings since gradual changes are the bane of a colorblind persons existance.  So I’ve hopped into a more hard shadow style.  I’m kinda happy with how that came out for a first go.  As I was closing in on the final stages of the process I realized I wish I had done the 2nd and 3rd panels different with her left arm/shoulder forward in panel 2 and back in panel 3.  So theres some notes for future comics.


As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.  If you’re going to say “This comic gives me cancer.” then you should probably find something more worthwhile to spend your massive intelligence on.