Couldn’t think of a name sooooo yeah.


I can no longer keep up a schedule of two comics from Kikonrar and one KNP each week, especially now that Corpgis! is starting to take off and will probably be spun off and take that slot from KNP and push KNP into a whenever I feel like it place.  I tried for a long period to get away without shading but the quality definitely suffered.  Once I put it back in the time crunch was pushing me into less interesting drawing.  With the waterfall and lake comics recently I finally realized that I have enough comics out now that I can focus more on quality and don’t have to worry as much about quantity.  This comic is a direct result of that.  I’m very happy with how everything on this turned out and its mostly because I stopped worrying about the time crunch.


So for the forseable future, Kikonrar will publish on Tuesdays only. No longer on Fridays.  KNP will remain Wednesdays and then when I branch Corpgis! off it will probably take the Friday slot.