Next comic or two should explain a bit about what just happened the last few comics.  In case its too hard to tell, the dialogue in the last panel is the dialogue/SFX since Kaiyal erected the dome, all happening in the same instant.

In case anyone is wondering, here is the “script” forming the cacophonic blast in the final panel:


Ketral – “Symphony of the Silent?”

Rana – “Symphony of the Silent?”

Ketral – “Oh dear, I seem to be unable to speak.”

Rana – “The fuck is going on? I can’t speak!”

Ketral – inhales

Ketral – exhales

Rana – “When did you learn this one Kaiyal?”

Rana – “Why didn’t you tell me!?”

Rana – “Damn it! Take this down or I’ll rip off your tongue, frame it and give it to Cyzak!”

Rana – “WHAT NOW!? Can’t silence my finger!”

Rana – “Fine”

Rana – “I’ll give you a freakin juicebox…”