I put a lot of effort into frame by frame variation this time around.  None of it came out how I planned as I shifted things around as I drew it out, but I was fairly happy with it.  I spent a lot of time on the legs in panel 3 only to realize that the way I wanted to reposition them had them cut off /cry.   The only other difficulty I had this time was with the mountain range in the background of panel 4.  As a color blind person, I had no idea what base color to use there so I will admit to finding a drawn picture on google images that roughly approximated what I thought was correct, loaded it into manga studio and stole the RGB values.  On a positive note, my unsteady hands are FANTASTIC for drawing the mountain-scape.  It came out perfectly jagged and I didn’t even have to try!  I then blurred it because it still worked better that way, but still, its nice to have the hand tremors be useful for once!

Also since this is published on August 25th, I would like to wish a happy 65th birthday to my mother! (I actually run a queue of comics about 2-3 ahead of the latest published in case something happens and I can’t make a deadline).