First off I’d like to throw out a companion site for the comic very much inspired by El Goonish Shive.  Its a semi-canonical and place to also just put misc pieces of art I worked on.  Its still heavily under construction as I want it to resemble the main site but not be identical.  The current post is something I took a few days off of working on this comic (I have a big queue) to try out new things without working to a deadline.  Its an anthropomorphization of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.  I’m not really a die hard brony or anything, but I do enjoy the show and this fit what I wanted to take on, a unique adaptation of something.




I did some experimenting with shading this time around, using a seperate layer seems to work much better so that when I get the cursor near a border it doesn’t wig out and mess up the blend.


I had a lot of fun with this because the whole time I kept thinking that the force Kaiyal could be using to flick Jim in the head could easily approach that of being hit by a brick.  Coming up on some fun stuff I think, now that they’re finally out of the interrogation.