I’ve been waiting for this comic for ages!  I put a lot of time and effort into it so I hope everyone enjoys it. From left to right on bottom:


Kaiyal – Frankenstein

Jim – Mummy

Ketral – Sexy Maid

Rana (Upside down on top) – Harley Quinn


I’ve had these bouncing around my head for at least a month now, that is, that Kaiyal was fitting as Frankenstein due to her special little enhancements (teaser OOOOO!).  Jim occured to me when I was drawing the bandages a few comics back.  I had no idea what to draw for Ketral until yesterday when I started on him and up until about 5 minutes before that I was going to make him a vampire, but it just didn’t seem to properly fit him.  He just seemed more like he would use his bishounenness more in a crossplay manner than as a vampire.  The situation was the same for Rana as it was for Ketral.  I’d spent most of the time thinking that I’d have her be some variation on a headless horseman considering what she can do with her Kikonrar to make it real (Yes she could remove her own head if she used both her Kikonrar in concert).  As I finished Ketral, though, I just didn’t feel 100% on the headless horseman idea so I stopped to think, what character is she most like and basically, she is basically a chaotic good/chaotic neutral character and I don’t think anything sums that up better than the current incarnation of Harley Quinn in DC comics (in her own comic).


Happy Halloween!


Heres a 1920 x 1080 version