I guess you could call this my first real fight scene, even if it is Rana just fighting her clones. I would have had more clones in the fight but we (me and my family) just took in a dog of a disabled friend of our family who could no longer keep him and taking care of him and integrating him into our little pack (3 people, a corgi, a cocker spaniel/poodle mix and a himalayan cat) was a a bit of an attention hogging event.  Our Corgi can be a bit touchy at times so we were extra careful with how they met (neutral area) and how it progressed from outdoors to indoors etc etc.  Oddly enough we had more trouble from the Cockapoo.  Anyway, I had fun drawing panel 2.  I had some fun with panel 3 which was briefly going to be Rana going :3 but I couldn’t make it look right so I went back to the open mouth excited Rana.  But in your mind please remember, You can’t spell Rana without :3