An embarrassed Rana, an angry Ketral, an ever increasingly large bump on Jim’s head.  Kaiyal don’t play dat!


I want to give a thanks to Eiichiro Oda for opening my mind to the idea of someone warping reality as evidence of activation of their powers.  During the Marineford Arc of One Piece, Whitebeard shows off his ability to create shockwaves by either shattering the space where he punches giving a sort of broken glass look, or by physically gripping space and tugging it in the direction he desired.  Now Kaiyal’s Kikonrar-bo bears at best only a small resemblance to Whitebeard’s devil fruit power(controlling sound vs shockwaves), and during her creation there was no connection at all, just to be clear.  This only came up as I was imagining how this scene would play out and how to better illustrate Kaiyal’s affect on the world beyond rings of sound waves.


I hope everyone is following the origin of the speech in the last panel too.  Kaiyal cannot talk using traditional means and therefore has her choker to communicate for her when she can’t use her Kikonrar-bo to talk.  The choker has a very monotone robotic sound whereas when she uses her ‘bo to talk it takes on a very beautiful and melodious quality.  This also means she doesn’t have to open her mouth to talk which can look kind of weird when you first see it.  As an author, it also makes it much more difficult to write scenes with simply her and another person (usually Rana) because the dialogue is so one sided since she a) cannot talk b) only speaks in short spurts when she uses her choker and c) will go to great lengths to avoid talking with her choker or ‘bo if there is anyone around other than Rana.