Prior to making this comic I was never much of a artist in the drawing sense or had much experience (zero) with image editing software so it never really came up, but while reading this last weeks Bleach (chapter 637) I decided to take a stab.  Since I have my own website, I figured why not keep them here!

I edited together a couple pages from recent Bleach chapters, reconstructed some portions cut off by frames (top of his head) and colored.  I like it! Mayuri is the best ^_^

Demon Womb Test Signature


Latest attempt at non-comic stuff. I originally had a different last name for Kaiyal and Ketral but when I looked at it again it just didn’t feel right.  Anyway, here’s Kaiyal and her upgraded Cacophony of the Silent.


Kaiyal WP



It’s not really any secret that Mayuri Kurotsuchi is my favorite Bleach and Anime character.  He’s utterly devoted to science, fights more with brains than with brawn, has a unique if perverse sense of poetic justice and is one of the few anime characters in history to regularly change their clothing design and each time is more unique and unexpected than the last.  I used to cosplay as him but after the 2nd version, the one with the hair horns, I really couldn’t keep up though I do still treasure the various props I had made for him way back when. I’ll probably upload pictures at some point because I am so proud of them.  Anyway, here is the first frame I’ve sort of recolored from chapter 637 as Mayuri is having a sciencegasm over getting to face off against the left arm of the Soul King. The chat bubbles made this rather annoying to repair once I removed them and I’m still getting used to the gradient tool so be forgiving! (right click and view image for larger version)





Here is my second attempt. It was a little easier to clean the chat bubbles and sound effects off though I never could get one of the “petals” right. (right click and view image for larger version)



This is my all-time favorite picture of me at a con. Rockin out with Ashisogi Jizou!


The best in-action example of the extend-o-arm!


I saw this Szayel walking to the hotel (Anime Iowa) and managed to track her down. I squeed pretty hard and I think she did too.  She had the same love of Szayel as I do of Mayuri.  So awesome ^_^


The extend-o-arm soon after completion.  If I had to pick one prop I was the most proud of it would be this.  You have no idea how hard it is to use your own hand as a mold for plaster wrap leaving you only one free hand at odd angles to apply/remove it!


The hat.  I cut up an old Chicago Cubs hat for its base and kind of built around that using oak-tag posterboard.


The v1 mask.  I had little to no budget so those are just cups painted over and hotglued on.  Molded on my face.  Extremely annoying to wear when you have glasses and no contacts because the glasses wont fit on and you can’t see a thing.


The mask with his ear-scythe thingy.


Detonator! I was really proud of this one too.  Made of painted foam.


I was never able to finish Aaroniero Arruruerie, mostly because I couldn’t get his mask just right and the first attempt at comissioning the clothing components took my money and ran.  Here is a progress photo of his tentacle hand.  I can’t find a finished version atm but its out there.


Peter Griffin from the episode where he has the endangered birds living in his beard.  I had someone recognize me at ACEN from like 100 yards away and it was a real treat watching the look of bewilderment on peoples face when they first saw it, trying to figure out the reference, only to have it dawn on them after a few seconds.


This was my very first cosplay.  I believe it was Anime Nebraskon 2006 or 2007.  It is Urizane from S-cry-ed, the watermelon guy.